Kitchen Party

Kitchen Party

Showcasing families connected through music

Métis – Re-establishing music and connection

The Fiddle and guitar are mainstays of the Métis community. A long historic shared experience that brings family and friends together. The Metis have always been a social and festive people with a love of song and dance, blending their First Nations and European ancestral cultures into unique fiddle playing and dance styles. As Europeans brought violins to North America, the Métis embraced the instrument and began playing and making their own tunes, often mixing First Nations, Scots and French-Canadian rhythms, but with unique beats. These new songs also led to the creation of new dances. Later, other fiddling traditions from English-speaking North America also contributed to Métis fiddling. Let’s share this knowledge.

Brianna Lizzote

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A fiddle player from Sylvan Lake, Alberta. She is currently in her fourth year at MacEwan University where she explores the world of jazz and contemporary music, but her heart lies in the Métis style and old time fiddle tunes she was raised with.

Brianna recently played along with Mr. Alex Kustorok for the Pope with the delegation attending along with the Métis delegation.

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Ross ‘MEMPHIS’ Pambrun

His connection within the Indigenous Community has been noted with Entrepreneurship Awards and repeated connections within the business community and music community. Sharing the experience with his father Ret.Sgt Mjr Elder George Pambrun.

Ross remains connected with participating in Métis festivals, events, business, and social mixers.

BIO’S: Memphis and the Grande   / SPEAKER

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Alex kusterok

Growing up, Alex followed his mother Patti to Old time dances around Manitoba where he was enriched with the Métis fiddle from a very young age. By age 7, the passion for music became apparent and today Alex makes his living as a performer and educator. Alex was also a fiddler who attended and played for the Pope.



Patti kusterok

North American Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame member Patti Kusturok’s old time fiddle style is characterized by a pulsating, rhythmical lilt that is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor. Often referred to as one the smoothest fiddle players in North America, Patti is known for her effortless delivery of some of the best traditional Canadian fiddle music of all time.

donny l’hirondelle

Métis artist, Fiddle Musician – Multi-Instrumentalist