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Ross 'Memphis' Pambrun
Ross 'Memphis' PambrunCEO - Memphis Group / Professional Fire Officer

Ross ‘MEMPHIS’ Pambrun “The Captain” – CEO of the Memphis Group.

Ross Pambrun is currently studying Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning and implication for business at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology), and Harvard OVPL Cybersecurity – Managing Risk. His satellite monitoring team focus on cyber innovation mainly in environmental monitoring strategies and solutions. They combine up to date satellite imagery with machine learning to produce sharp resolution multi spectral image reporting. They also provide business conversation and enable corporate partnerships.

Email: ross@memphisgroup.ca Website: www.memphisgroup.ca

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ross-pambrun-memphis-group

A passion for science, Ross is the Chief Science Officer for the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society and has been with that successful agency for nearly 20 years. His role encompasses Clinical Liaison in Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine with the Biernaskie Lab at the University of Calgary. A professional Fire Captain his background in science and fire lends well to combining new approaches in the Fire Science of Satellite monitoring.

With over 21 years working for the City of Calgary a distinguished career with the Calgary Fire Department now holding the rank of Captain. Along life’s journey, Ross was a Registered Nurse for seven years completing studies at the Royal Alexandra School of Nursing, University of Alberta, and Advanced Critical Care at Mount Royal College.

A Métis businessman, Ross plays an important role in connecting indigenous stakeholders with shareholders in Industry and Academia. To remain committed to connection, he regularly plays at Métis festivals, events or presents business conversation at mixers.

Ross also sings and plays guitar in “Memphis and the Grande”. A singer, songwriter for many years, he connects a group of talented troubadours and has received residencies at C-Cpace, Grand Theatre and ContainR Park. Ross travelled along with RUSH on the Snakes and Arrows tour and met his Idol Mr. B.B. King in 2005. www.memphisandthegrande.com https://www.instagram.com/memphisandthegrande/

https://cspacekingedward.com/creative-incubator-memphis-and-the-grande/ Memphis – Interview https://youtu.be/AGK8QoNlrW8

Previous owner of a successful health corporation, Ross has a background in energy and academic health that compliments his role in developing business relationships within community Infrastructure protection projects & environmental management. His team role in principal development extends into cyber-innovation and software development. His connection within the Indigenous Community has been noted with Entrepreneurship Awards and repeated connections within the business community.

“I get to share the Podcast Hosting stage with ‘The President’ Lawrence Gervais. Each week I enjoy the challenges, the joys, the evolving landscape of Métis cultural awareness on top of the sharing of Indigenous connection. I’m learning right along with our Audience.”

“I’m often asked about the challenges of fire leadership in a career faced with such emotional and physical burden. I emphasize that our team is strongest if everyone is heard. Everyone at an emergency has a role and varied skillsets, my job is to calculate the safest actions based on that combined knowledge and keep focused on ensuring that life, property and environment remain our immediate priorities.”

“I’m very fortunate to bring well educated like-minded team members into every conversation. Our team approach works and our proven science technique is well respected. And really….who doesn’t love talking Satellites and Space?” Ross Pambrun


MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Harvard – OVPL – Cybersecurity – Managing Risk in the Information Age

EO College – Earth Observation and Radar Applications


· Co-Author – Firefighters Willingness to Participate in a Stem Cell Trial for Burn Injuries (2016)

· Co-Author – Firefighters Opinions on Future Directions for Skin Stem Cell Research (2015)


· 2019 Corporate Entrepreneur of the year – VIPOHS– Presented by Métis Nation of Alberta

· Nominated for Prime Ministers Award for Community Leadership

· Alberta Emergency Services Medal (AESM)

· City of Calgary – Emergency Services Medal

Lawrence Gervais
Lawrence GervaisMétis Nations of Alberta - Region 3 President

Lawrence Gervais is the Regional President for the Métis Nation of Alberta. Lawrence has worked tirelessly for the Urban Indigenous community for 18 years both as a Program Developer and Executive Director, Including many Aboriginal Friendship Centres across Western Canada, the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver and currently, the Métis Nation of Alberta. Lawrence is currently the Co-Minister of Education, Training and Research and sits on the Executive for the Métis Nation of Alberta. Lawrence believes that supporting Métis inclusion in Indigenization efforts will initiate the systemic change that is needed throughout Canada for the Métis Nation.

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