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Ross ‘MEMPHIS’ Pambrun is a talented, spirited and engaging presenter who uses humour and storytelling to enhance his presentations. He has an inviting ability to connect participants in a room. As a Métis businessman, Ross is important in connecting indigenous shareholders and stakeholders in community and industry. Currently the CEO of an artificial intelligent company, ‘The Memphis Group’  uses machine learning to protect communities around the globe from environmental threats. Having studied at Harvard and MIT, Ross is a 2023 award winner for his technology innovation. He proudly wears medals of service from the Province of Alberta and City of Calgary for his long role as a professional fire captain. Host of the Squeaky Wheel, he completed 100 episodes interviewing guests from various backgrounds. A musician, emcee, actor…there is usually a guitar nearby when he’s in the room.    FOLLOW ROSS MEMPHIS PAMBRUN on socials – Search : Memphis and The Grande   or Ross Memphis Pambrun

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‘Memphis’ Ross Pambrun sings and plays guitar in “Memphis and the Grande”. A singer, songwriter for many years, he connects a group of talented troubadours and has received residencies at C-Cpace, Grand Theatre and ContainR Park. Memphis travelled along with RUSH on the Snakes and Arrows tour and met his Idol Mr B.B. King in 2005. Currently acting in a national broadcaster TV show…searching for GOLD. Check out all the socials below.


Ross ‘MEMPHIS’ Pambrun has studied Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning and implication for business at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology), and Harvard Business – Cybersecurity – Managing Risk. His satellite monitoring team focus on cyber innovation mainly in environmental monitoring strategies and solutions. 2023 Award winner for his Satellite Innovation, environment is a global concern and is at the forefront of commitment. Memphis Labs combine up to date satellite imagery with machine learning to produce sharp resolution multi-spectral image reporting. These products should be on every municipalities mind for wildfire threats. They also provide business conversation and enable corporate partnerships. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) should be on the mind of all partnerships.




With over 23 years working for the City of Calgary a distinguished career with the Calgary Fire Department now holding the rank of Captain. He has been awarded medals by the City of Calgary and Province of Alberta for his years of service. Along life’s journey, he was a Registered Nurse for seven years completing studies at the Royal Alexandra School of Nursing, University of Alberta, and Advanced Critical Care at Mount Royal College.

Memphis sings and plays guitar in “Memphis and the Grande”.  A singer, songwriter for many years, he connects a group of talented troubadours and has received residencies at C-Cpace, Grand Theatre and ContainR Park. Memphis travelled along with RUSH on the Snakes and Arrows tour and met his Idol Mr B.B. King in 2005. Currently acting in a 13 episode, 3 Story Pictures production, a gold hunting show RED RIVER GOLD coming to national broadcast in 2024.


Community Connector

A Métis businessman, Memphis plays an important role in connecting indigenous stakeholders with shareholders in Industry and Academia.  Ross is on the Board of Governors of the Calgary Arts Academy and is honoured to share the role with so many community leaders.  To remain committed to community and Métis connection, he regularly plays at music festivals, events or presents business conversation at business mixers. “Each week I enjoy the challenges, the joys, the evolving landscape of Métis cultural awareness on top of the sharing of Indigenous connection. I’m learning right along with every audience.”


Ross is currently very involved citizen with the Métis Nation of Alberta.

A passion for science, ‘Memphis’ Ross Pambrun is the Emeritus Chief Science Officer for the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society and has been with that successful agency for nearly 21 years. His role encompassed Clinical Liaison in Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine with the Biernaskie Lab at the University of Calgary.

  • Co-Author – Firefighters Willingness to Participate in a Stem Cell Trial for Burn Injuries (2016)
  • Co-Author – Firefighters Opinions on Future Directions for Skin Stem Cell Research (2015)

100 Episodes completed of The Squeaky Wheel Podcast!



Here are a few testimonials from people who have seen my presentations

“MEMPHIS Ross’s skill is taking complex AI subject matter such as Large Language Models, or satellite computer vision wildfire detection and making it real for people. Ross MEMPHIS helps audiences feel the impact of these technologies by telling the story of AI can help make their lives better, what the risks are and what the potential is for society. I have seen MEMPHIS speak many times, and it’s his passion and professionalism for delighting and inspiring audiences that allows him to create an unforgettable experience that makes him a must-see host and speaker.”

MIKE MORLEY – Director of AI / ML – Arcurve Inc. Calgary, AB, Canada

‘Ross is a magnificent speaker that can energize a room. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Ross present many times on a variety of his specialties. He is a business award winning leader that presents like no other with an incredible ability to connect a room. If you get a chance, attend one of his speeches, you won’t be disappointed.’

WILL TROW – General Manager of the Ranchmen’s Club, Calgary, AB, Canada

‘Ross MEMPHIS can light up a room with his larger-than-life personality. I’ve had the ability to connect with him in many ways. As a business leader and showman, he brings the whole room into focus, but he is always so engaging with an audience. I’ve seen him Emcee, Speak and Moderate where you can tell he’s enjoying the experience just as much as the audience. This fellow is a must have speaker or emcee very professional and engaging. Ross can make you feel like he has known you all his life and he does that with audiences as well. He can think on the fly and ensure a smooth delivery of any content he is provided. He is always well prepared. He has a way of endearing himself to the audience and is a powerful salesman.

THERESA MAJERAN – CEO – Karma Business Solutions, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Ross Pambrun presented to a sophisticated group of business entrepreneurs today in Kelowna. The subject matter was Artificial Intelligence – Ross was entertaining and captivating, the audience was engaged, enlightened and informed on a topic that is relatively new and difficult to comprehend.

BOB OUTHWAITE ICD.D , Kelowna, BC, Canada



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